Security advice

Pay attention to these security tips to avoid being scammed

Stay informed and protect your assets with the following recommendations

At Alibamotors we want to prevent our customers from being victims of people with bad intentions or a desire to scam. Remember that, when you contact the advertiser of the article or good of your interest, via WhatsApp, viber, telegram or through the contact form available in each advertisement, you are communicating directly with the person who published the advertisement and ALIBAMOTORS S.A.S has no responsibility or liability. content of the advertisement, nor of the response received through the aforementioned channels, including the contact form of the advertisement.

Safe Shopping

  • Meet the seller personally and preferably, attend accompanied. Most frauds are done by people who refuse to meet you in person.
    If they talk to you about a deal that is too good, in most cases, it is not.
    Try to find more information about the buyer or seller, as appropriate.
    Do not do business with any company or person that refuses to give you their name, address and telephone number, much less share their credit card details or other personal information. Do business with well-known and trusted companies and people
    Don't rush to buy. Review the offer and terms very carefully. Once you hand over the money, you may never get it back.
    Read the fine print. Get all promises in writing and review them carefully before paying or signing a contract.
    Never consider paying for something that is offered to you for free. If it's free it's free and you don't have to pay to receive it.

Transfers, checks and money in cash or via app

  • Never make any payment or credit if the good, product or service offered has not been delivered to you and if you are the owner, do not deliver if you have not previously received all the money according to what you agreed.
    Take precautions to carry out any type of transaction (Deliveries in agencies, online, bank accounts, payments to third parties, checks) and do not accept cash if you do not have the ability to detect counterfeit bills. Try to receive money at a bank where you can make the transaction and request help if necessary with an advisor from the entity.
    If you receive checks, wait for the bank to confirm your payment. It may be the case that you deliver the product either and after a few days, it is rejected by the bank either because it does not have enough funds or because it is false.
    Verify that the check has the amount of the purchase price. If the amount is incorrect, return it and do not send the product or good.
    If the amount of the check is greater than the agreed value, do not accept it no matter how tempting it may be.
    You have every right to request only cashier's checks issued by a local bank and you can verify their validity with the same issuing bank either personally or through the service channels that the entity has.
    If you make payments through APPs such as Nequi, Daviplata, etc., verify very carefully that it is within the original app and that it has not been forwarded through links that impersonate the brand. Next, verify very well the amount and name of the person receiving the payment and then confirm that the person received the payment.

We hope you always have the best shopping experience on Alibamotors.

If you are a victim of scams, report your case immediately to the authorities. Follow the following links for more information.  
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