Booking Rules and Policies

-      Direct Rental

Vehicles published as direct rental in any category between advertisers (lessors) and users (lessees) are governed by the terms of publication in accordance with our “Terms and Conditions of Use” but the applicable rental policies and conditions will be those indicated by the advertiser (lessor) or prior agreement with the user (lessee). We are not obligated or responsible in any way for any of your sharing, interaction or contractual agreements.

-      Rental with Reservation

The Terms are written mainly for the car category, however, they apply to all rental categories available on our portal: Cars, Taxis, Motorcycles, Buses, Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Nautical, Aircraft & Limousines.
Alibamotors S.A.S, allows our clients and users to publish any type of vehicle with a “reservation” option through our portal Publications will be subject to our “Terms and conditions of use” and the contractual rental conditions between advertisers and users must be governed according to the following conditions:
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